Do you wish to know How To Make Lip Gloss at home? In fact, it is easy and fun. You just need a few ingredients to start off.

There are certain products which help you make the lip gloss in just a few minutes. In fact, you will be able to customize it depending upon the coloring agents and flavors. Here is a list of ingredients that you might need:

1.    Vaseline or petroleum jelly
2.    Microwave
3.    A microwave dish
4.    Lip gloss container
5.    Spoon

How To Make Lip GlossIf you wish to customize it then you can use the following

1.    Lipstick
2.    Glitter
3.    Flavor ( vanilla or honey)

You will be using the petroleum jelly as your base. So use it in enough quantities. Don’t hesitate to experiment with all the ingredients if you want the ideal mix.

PROCESS: Firstly, add some amount of petroleum jelly to the microwave dish. Take a small knife and scrape some amount of lipstick and add it to the Vaseline. Now, you have to microwave the resultant jelly for a few seconds. Your target is to just melt the mixture so that the ingredients blend well.

Now you can add some glitter and also your flavor. Mix everything well. Now, you can pour the lip gloss in some container. You can actually fill up a container and place it in a refrigerator for a couple of hours. Only then test it if at all you are trying it out for the first time. If the results are good, you can heat the rest of the lip gloss and then pour it in several containers. If any adjustments are to be done, you need to heat the mixture again and then add the relevant ingredients as required. After you are satisfied, you can again pour the molten liquid in any container and place it in the refrigerator.

Now you must have understood How To Make Lip Gloss. The whole process is definitely fun and it is also easy. Even teenage girls can do it by themselves without any guidance. With just a few ingredients, you can handle the process and finish it off.

Today, many women generally make their own lip gloss mainly because the process is pretty easy. You don’t need to burn your fingers in the whole process. It is simply mixing a few ingredients and heating them up so not much hard work is necessary. Of course, you need to have Vaseline at home. I am sure you already have Vaseline at home. You have go to the super market and simply enquire for petroleum jelly because Vaseline is generally available in the form of petroleum jelly. If you are really interested in makeup, you can learn many other techniques which will help you make your own lip gloss at home. Today, it is affordable to prepare your own make up products at home because cosmetics have become costly. Just buy the necessary ingredients if you want to learn how to make lip gloss.